Waters of Forgiveness: Pisces 2016

by Andrea Goodman


The Sun entered Pisces February 19th this year and will swim until the Spring Equinox on March 20th. Our sense of reality is shifting and changing like the surface of the ocean, and we are carried by currents of feeling, tossed by stormy waves, lapped by the tides. The qualities of Pisces, ruled by Neptune, are easily understood through the metaphor of the sea–unfathomable, ever-moving, all-encompassing, mysterious and powerful. The sea is our closest physical experience to what is infinite and unknowable. Water finds its way to water. A drop disappears as it rejoins the source. Our limited existence dissolves through consciousness into the vast cosmic matrix where we find ourselves limitless. Whatever is brought to water is cleansed, smoothed, dissolved and embraced.

Piscean power is amplified and multiplied this year by the presence of Neptune itself in Pisces along with Chiron, the Healer, in Pisces. For the New Moon on March 8th, when Sun and Moon are together in a Solar Eclipse, Chiron sits right beside them and Jupiter is aligned exactly opposite, shining at its brightest. Jupiter brings enthusiasm and generosity to celebrate the beginning of a new lunar cycle that is all about Pisces. Our dreams and visions, our sensitivity and vulnerability, our creative imagination and our compassion are brought to the surface for our awareness. Mercury, planet of intellect and communication, is also soaked in Pisces as of March 5th, so our attention and conversation naturally carries us deeper into these immeasurable realms. Venus will also come into Pisces on March 12th, adding her loving, romantic, beauty-filled perspective. And then, just as the Sun moves on into Aries, Venus will be conjunct Neptune, combining personal love with universal love.

Allow yourself to float on these waters. Allow time to stretch and bend. Listen to music that carries you into pure vibration. Follow your daydreams and currents of thought that pull memories and vague impressions together, that swirl around an idea, an intuition. Bring your suffering to this healing water, offer your anger to the ocean of salty tears, forgive yourself for whatever you imagine you did or did not. Forgive your memory. Forgive your story. Dissolve into the compassionate arms of the Divine Ones who live in the Infinite Sea of Compassion. Be washed, lulled, carried away. Something new will come of this. Let your focus be soft as it gently arrives through the mist of mystery.