Water Catches Fire: Aries 2016

by Andrea Goodman


A most open hearted and sensitive implication, a romantic, artistic, beauty loving, and magical atmosphere began the new season with four planets still flowing in oceanic Pisces, including an exact conjunction of Venus with Neptune on the Equinox. But already Mercury has moved into Aries with the Sun. Venus will follow on April 5th. All three will catch up with Uranus, in Aries the last five years, and with both Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius, the emphasis switches to the element of Fire.

There is already a palpable acceleration, a more active mode of being. Unexpected encounters, sudden impulsive gestures, and a faster pace in schedules all appear. We are pushed forward by the Ram and the various demands, requests and desires are clamoring. Aries is ruled by Mars, planet of courage, heroism, fighting, assertiveness. Athletes, soldiers, and superheroes are the archetypes of Mars. We are challenged and we become champions each in our own way.

Warmth, light, heat, passion, burning desire, hot flashes, wildfire, spark, ignite, burn up, burn down, light up, illuminate, radiate, shine. Fire moves fast, consuming whatever is in its path. Immediate as intuition, lightning striking, becoming enlightened.

Fire of sacrifice, altar’s eternal flame, burning in hell, Hel or Dame Holle in the underworld, Baba Yaga’s coals, Brigid’s fire of inspiration, Vesta’s vestal virgins. Hestia’s hearth, home fires burning. Cooking: roasting, baking, boiling, broiling, simmering, steaming, sizzling, fried, toasted, singed. Singing kettle, bubbling cauldron–what fire brings to water is transformation.

We feel it in the electricity of our nervous systems–nerves firing, we say–and all the activity of our bodies requires it. Every tremble, twitch, heartbeat and thought requires our finely threaded fires, traveling our circuitry. If the acceleration scares us, we call it anxiety and fear, the other side of courage. But we can simply call it fire. As my beloved dance teacher used to shout out, “Let it go through you!”