Plucking Cosmic Strings, Weaving Cosmic Threads: Gemini 2016


by Andrea Goodman


Gemini arrived with a lot of fanfare–a Full Moon conjunct Mars, Mercury going direct and an exact square of Saturn and Jupiter. There is so much set in motion just now that we feel pulled in different directions and as if we are juggling realities with our minds. Gemini is an Air sign, ruled by Mercury, endlessly curious and creative, clever, quick and connecting. Conversing, writing, traveling, networking, and learning new skills are all favored in the time of Gemini.


This year, Mercury, planet of our perceptions, thinking and communication, is in Taurus, Venus’ Earth sign, and is in a grace-filled dance with Jupiter and Pluto, the Grand Trine in Earth that has been holding us benevolently all the last month. And Venus is traveling close to the Sun in Gemini, Mercury’s sign. Venus and Mercury are said to be in mutual reception, simultaneously visiting each other’s domains. The mind is visiting the land of beauty and loving support while the heart is visiting the land of thought and word. It is a time to reach out, to speak our hearts, to call upon our friends.


In Egyptian mythology, the Netert (Divine Principle) Neith is the one who works with the lines of energy running through all time-space. She is the great Weaver. Where the threads of energy cross, creation occurs. All that exists, seen and unseen, is woven of these cosmic threads–our bodies, our thoughts, our planet and our connections to each other and to everything. The complex net-(Neith) work of our communication lines, the Inter-net (Neith), is a way to imagine it on one level that we experience daily but is already larger and more complex than we can hold in our minds. Think of everyone you are connected with and then everyone they all connect to, and all their connections, on and on, infinitely.


Imagine that this vast web is also a musical instrument, a harp with infinite strings, and every time one of us makes a call or writes a message or sends a prayer or reads a book, we are plucking a string that resonates throughout the Cosmos. This music is playing constantly, vibrating through our nervous systems as we resonate with those we love or those who inspire us, as we have a realization or get a new idea.


The Earth trine of Mercury, our voice, with generous, optimistic Jupiter and Pluto, who leads us through the mystical death-rebirth journey, is in place now but will soon disperse as first Mercury and then Jupiter moves on. We are being shown the nourishing support available to us, the embodiment of connections in the forms of friends, family, community, and Nature, but also, through Pluto, the lines which traverse dimensions, which connect us to ancestors, other worlds, realms of magic, spirit beings, and our own spirit bodies which are not limited by physicality. Take in this reminder of the hands all around you, holding yours, of the voices of love in your ear whenever you will listen, and pluck the strings–our music needs your voice.