Matter and Spirit, Particle and Wave September 2015

by Andrea Goodman

As beautiful and fascinating as our world is, with its amazing landscapes, plant and animal species, and varieties of human behavior, we know there is more than our physical reality. We dream, we imagine, we sense and remember in realms that cannot be easily described or touched and tasted. We know that we exist in our consciousness as well as in our bodies, and we sense a presence that informs each physical form with life. Our culture and language separate body and spirit, giving reality to the physical and denying, while longing for, the spiritual.

As we move into Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 21st), a bold, fiery sign of adventure and philosophy, there is a square, 90° aspect between Saturn and Neptune, with Saturn also in Sagittarius and Neptune in its own sign, Pisces. This aspect will return next summer, June through September, so we are presented with a process of grappling with this challenge for awhile. I say “challenge” because two planets in a square typically are in conflict, at cross purposes, with tension between them.

Saturn is the principle of form. It defines, gives structure, duration, and strength. It is our bones, our laws, our foundations and traditions. It is with Saturn that we make commitments, clarify our values, have integrity and morality. It is also with Saturn that we make rules, govern, judge and assert authority. Once we make a rule or a commitment, it is our Saturn that helps us uphold what we have chosen. Saturn obliges us to abide by or obey the rules we have set, to color within the lines we have drawn, to fulfill our promises. Once we adopt a belief, we feel compelled to defend it, to repeat it, and to close off to alternatives.

Neptune, divinity of the sea, is the principle of the infinite, the continual motion and immeasurableness of water. It is our capacity to dream and imagine, to feel what others feel, to sense intuitively with our psychic abilities and subtle senses what is not evident to our bodies’ senses. Neptune holds the secret of our origins, as a species, emerging from the sea and swimming in our mothers’ wombs. We began in water and we are made mostly of water; our salty tears are miniature oceans. The concept of oneness, that we all are connected, is best understood as water–each drop returns to join the ocean, rain falls into rivulets that form streams joining into rivers, ultimately flowing into the sea. These branching water systems occur underground as well as above and are echoed in our blood’s circulation.


If we are One, we are not truly separate, as our physical bodies appear to prove. Neptune is the vibrational dimension of our reality. It is the realm of angels, fairies, nature spirits, and all other beings not in a physically perceivable form. Saturn is the physical form. Neptune is unlimited potential whereas Saturn sets limits and commits to a specific pattern which is manifested physically. Scientists have come to recognize that everything is vibrational. Even what seems solid and dense is actually in constant motion. They say all energy appears as either a wave in motion, or a particle with a shape. They also tell us that it is our observation that determines that shape.


Neptune square Saturn can appear as a dissolving of what seemed secure or a contraction and limitation of what seemed free-flowing. It can feel like “reality” is ripping away our illusions or that what we call “reality” is actually the illusion. We have made the shape of our experience with our expectation and belief in it. Our potential is unlimited but our Saturn naturally limits and defines. Let us open to the consciousness of the Universe in which all is continually evolving, taking on form, dissolving and transforming, again and again. Let us view it all with commitment to compassion.

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