Invented Form Contest

Poetry Witch is happy to announce a poetry contest for a poem in an invented form.

Poems in any invented form are eligible. Here is our definition of an invented form. An invented form is structured through an original, predictable pattern of repeating language elements. The structure can be based on repetitions of sound (rhyme, meter, alliteration, assonance), syntax (repeating words, phrases, or grammatical patterns), syllables, chance linguistic operations, or any other language element. If there is meter, it is predictable, whether all lines are consistently in the same meter or form a predictably varying pattern. If there is rhyme, then every line in the pattern probably has at least one rhyming partner.

We do prefer that the form of the poem be self-contained and self-evident. By this we mean that an attentive poetry-loving reader will be able to discern, comprehend, and appreciate the poem’s form simply by reading the poem, without any special explanation, footnotes, or any other additional information. A good test is to ask yourself whether such a reader would be able to tell if the form were varied or altered.

Poets are invited to send your contest offering in the body of the email to Deadline:

Contests are open to all registered members of Poetry Witches Community. There is no entry fee. The winning poem, and possibly some of the runners-up at the discretion of the editors, will be published in Poetry Witch Magazine.