Feeling of Fullness, Fullness of Feeling: Cancer 2016


by Andrea Goodman


The Summer Solstice marks the beginning of the water sign Cancer and the beginning of Summer (in the Northern Hemisphere). This year it coincided with a Full Moon and open-hearted Venus joining the Sun. On top of that, four planets formed a cross, called a Grand Cross, surrounding the Earth with forces confronting, engaging and pulling each other–Saturn opposite Mercury and Jupiter opposite Neptune. So much was happening at once, every which way. Whether internally or externally, fitting it all into one heart, one mind, one body was a challenge, and yet we did. This pattern gives a template for the whole season, although the planets, always in motion, move on.


Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is the sign of the Great Mother, the portal into and out of this world. It is the natural care-giver, nurturer and healer. The full embrace of leafy tree limbs holds us on the great lap of the Earth, Summer flowers proliferate and fruit grows where Spring blossoms briefly appeared. We’re at maximum light, and full saturation of color, of taste, of emotion. The tides are extremely high and low at the Full Moon and the New Moon, which occurs on the 4th of July. Sun and Moon together in Cancer bring the welling up of the waters of sensitivity, tenderness, and compassion.


Jupiter’s position in the Grand Cross, from the Earth sign of Virgo, opposite Neptune in Pisces, magnifies the magical dimension within daily, physical experience. More than ever before, we feel the healing power of music and the palpable presence of Guardian Angels; we surrender easily to dream states and have stronger faith in our intuition. We are sensing the limitless possibilities here and now and connecting with others who not only share our wonder but take us further into it. These others are not only human. They can be animal, vegetable, mineral or ethereal.


Saturn opposite Mercury is a serious quality of commitment to our voices, our words, our perceptions. We re-examine our thought and language. We may be confronted with inflexible structures, systems, authorities or facts which inhibit our expression or put us on the spot, demanding we be very clear and certain of what we must say.


The combination forming the Cross can be interpreted as full of conflict and overwhelm or full of possibility for finding the pathway to accomplishing what we have long held as deeply desired fantasy. Rigidity can be dissolved with compassion. The question of timing can be approached with softness and patience. We may have been blind to the complexity of readiness, and have faulted ourselves for taking so long or for doubting. Now we can consciously align ourselves with that complexity, recognizing in Nature the cycles of ripening, and recognizing the Cosmic interweaving of interdependent lives and unfolding of events. Perhaps you could not create the image held in your mind’s eye until someone else invented the technology to fulfill it. We can see this time as the ripening of conscious alignment.


The ancient Egyptians were acutely attuned to Cosmic timing, living in relation to the stars and to the Divine Ones, the Neteru, who embody Cosmic principles. This time of year, in Cancer, is when the Sun in its yearly circuit visits the star Sirius. At that moment, before the Aswan Dam was built to interrupt the flow of the Nile, the river would fill, overflow and flood. Sirius rising just before sunrise seemed to release the waters, replenishing the fertility of the banks of the Nile, renewing life force to the land, feeding the people. Sirius is embodied in the form of Sepdet-Auset, or the Great Mother Isis (Greek name for Auset). This is Her time to fill us as we align ourselves to Her gift of life.

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