Dance of Power: Leo 2016


by Andrea Goodman


The Sun shines. It sends its warmth and light in every possible direction. In its own sign Leo, July 22nd until August 22nd this year, it is literally in its element, fire. It joins Venus and Mercury already there before they move on to Virgo, and with Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries, we have five in fire. Leo fire is self sustaining, continually radiant. We associate this with royalty, the lion as king of beasts, a personality that thrives with people around to radiate to. Actors, politicians, people who are visible, in the public eye, who are often lively, generous, jolly perhaps, although the Sun can scorch, and on a cloudy day, when its warmth does not reach us, it turns gloomy. As the source of all life on our planet, the Sun is our source of power.


We say that people have power, some more than others. We say that words have power, that magic has power, that violence has power. There is destructive power and there is life-giving power, power that brings change, power that corrupts. One who has dominion or one who is dominating, domineering, indomitable. We speak about who is in power, about vying for power, power and influence. But there is other power that steadily radiates, without hierarchy or competition. We speak of the power to move mountains, of the power of silence, the power of non-violent protest.


Within the core of each of us, is our personal power, our own life source, from which we draw strength and take action, reviving ourselves every day to simply be, to be ourselves, to shine our light, each in our own way. Our simple presence has power to affect the atmosphere around us, to inspire, to embrace, to illumine others. Leo is said to rule the heart, which is the life generator of our bodies, and the source of our love and generosity. When we shine, we touch others; our light warms them.


Sekhmet, the great Lioness of Egypt’s name comes from the Egyptian word for power, sekhem. She carries the destructive power of the scorching Sun in the dry season, bringing drought and disease, yet she also is passionate, compassionate and ecstatic. Venus in Leo is the colorful, passionate feminine, relationships that excite and move us, a creative power or a powerful creativity that has an undeniable effect on us. Mercury in Leo implies powerful communication, finding language that radiates and penetrates, words of power, magic words to open the gates.


Sun, Venus and Mercury each has a dance with Saturn or Uranus in this time. Fire resonates with fire in a trine, the 120 degree angle of flow and grace. Saturn imparts stable enduring power, supporting our love, our voices and our vitality. In Sagittarius, Saturn is committed to engaging with the world, with powerful ideas, and to expanding our understanding. Our personal magnetism is dancing with our beliefs and the power of our speech.


Uranus dances first with Mercury, during the last week of July and brings inspiration, unexpected synchronicities, sudden leaps of intuition, and an inventive approach to all logistics. Then Venus cuts in as we move into August, and the bright, warm, vibrant aspects of the Goddess are on the wild side, spontaneous, whimsical, surprising. When the Sun plays with Uranus in mid-August, we each feel our unique qualities, and we feel able to embrace our differences, enjoying community and the power of a collective ideal.


First Mercury, then Venus moves quickly into Virgo, joining Jupiter and gathering the first harvest in August. We will have accomplished something powerful, and can hold our new domain with self respect and dignity. The power of Earth will gather up, deeply root, and harness the power of fire. This is the power of manifestation, of energy revealed in form, the resulting gem of the fires of transformation.