Capricorn 2015-16: Embraced by the Mother


by Andrea Goodman


Capricorn begins with the Winter Solstice and carries us into the New Year. It is the darkest time of the year and the time when the Earth is laid bare. We see the essential form of her rocky bones, much like an old woman whose flesh has been thinned and refined over many years. Capricorn gives a straight answer, the unvarnished truth of the situation, much like an old woman who can speak freely and has no patience for lies, whose wisdom simply and eloquently comes through. Capricorn is the earth sign of Winter, the grandmother, the great-grandmother, older than time, the one who mothers the mother.


This year, in the Solstice chart, the birthchart of Winter, Pluto and Mercury are close together right in the middle of Capricorn; planets of transformation and communication, keeper of the mysteries of life and death combined with the messenger and guide, giving us a way to speak beyond the surface concerns. Our season is rich and deep, inspiring the poetry, the story, the necessity to speak of sorrow and fear. The Moon is in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, forming a Grand Trine in Earth with Pluto and Mercury in Capricorn. The three earth signs create a triangle, a container of nurturing and substance, the Moon full of feeling, encouraged and generously held by Jupiter, together holding the hands of the intensity of Pluto with Mercury.


In my Solstice vision, I enter the darkness, allow it to surround and fill me. There is a sense of going down and in, I do not know what the darkness holds. And then I feel large arms around me, a woman gathering me up. I feel small, and completely safe. She is earthy, strong, timeless, and has always been here. She holds me tenderly and says, “Tell me everything.” The everything I would tell wells up and I find myself crying on her shoulder, in the relief of such a welcome for all I have lived and witnessed.


Mercury within us is our ability to make sense and order of all that we perceive, to connect the dots and find patterns, to develop language to transmit our understanding and to make connections with each other through communication. Mercury allows us to think and to speak, to write and weave webs of interconnection. It is going retrograde; just as it steps from Capricorn into Aquarius, it appears to turn back and delve deeper, going back over the degrees of Capricorn. It will join with the Sun, January 13-14, in an exact trine to Jupiter, We are to go back and retrieve what we thought could not be said, what we started and never finished. We are given opportunities to share our thoughts, to speak plainly as if we were wise old women, beyond worrying about what someone else will think of us or do to us, should we dare to say what is in our hearts.


I am writing this just as 2015 rolls into 2016. There is an exact trine between Mercury and the Moon in Virgo. Moon and Jupiter are together in the sky tonight. We are given a gift this year of harmonious understanding, thinking and feeling attuned to each other, amplified by Jupiter’s enthusiasm and sense of possibility. We are embraced by the Mother and in her patient listening, we can fully express what must be said, what we know to be true, and what it is we have come to share.


May your New Year be filled with compassion and joyous expression!


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