Beneath Earth’s Mantle: Taurus 2016

Andrea’s Astro-Witchery

by Andrea Goodman


Earth Day today and a Full Moon, the Sun now in Taurus, earth sign ruled by Venus. The ground that supports us, the soil that feeds us, the physicality that gives form to our bodies, buildings and landscapes, Earth is home. However much we travel across the globe, and with our imaginations, the force that holds the Earth’s shape also holds us and harbors us. We call her Gaia, the Great Mother who gives and takes life, in the form of the Earth itself.

This year during Taurus (April 20-May 19) the element of Earth is triple, with Pluto in Capricorn, Jupiter in Virgo, and Sun, Mercury and Venus in Taurus. This forms a Grand Trine, an aspect of complete grace and ease, continually flowing harmony, a great triangle surrounding us in the sky. Pluto brings its power and wisdom to the enthusiasm and generosity of Jupiter; they enhance each other, making the path to the next dimension of our lives inevitable yet optimistic. Together they welcome the personal planets, Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus, to complete the triangle and manifest on the surface what has been prepared underground.

Taurus is the new, fresh ground, fertile and full of promise–it is sensual, beautiful. Virgo is the harvest, the fulfillment of promise–it is nourishing and healing. Capricorn is the essential mineral element, bedrock, giving shape to all matter–it is certain, devoted. They are the three forms of the Goddess: maiden, mother and crone. The three Fates, the three Graces, the three Norns; one spins the thread, one measures, one cuts. With our vital force/Sun, our minds/Mercury and our hearts/Venus, we are brought into the Earth mysteries, initiated expansively and transformationally by Jupiter and Pluto.

In their cycles of movement, as we watch the planets traverse our sky, they appear to stop in their circuit from time to time, and move back over the segment just traveled. We call this retrograde motion. Mercury does this several times a year, and is turning retrograde April 28th. Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are also retrograde during this Taurus time. Each one is going back over ground already covered, as though to dig deeper, to search more thoroughly, to better remember what just happened, or to retrieve something long forgotten. This suggests access to what is underneath the surface.

Behind, under or within every physical manifestation is the invisible purpose, idea or initiating spark that informs the outer form. Like a potent seed, this is the pattern, the blueprint, the design or the process, the alchemy, the metamorphosis. This layer is not static or limited, yet the manifestation is specific. Most of the time we are very focused on the tangible, obvious forms in our world. Now we have the opportunity to enter the hidden rooms of Earth’s body. In our Taurus fertility, with our ground softened and tilled, we open to the deeper understanding of our life experience, the gift and the power meant for us.